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catalogue saying fraud but its a mistake their end......

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BONKERZ Mon 20-Jul-09 17:43:14

my husband had a call today about an account i have with a catalogue. Basically i owe £37 to additions and stupidly i forgot to pay it last month and the deadline for this months payment was last week and i was on holiday......came home and had a letter from debt collection as account is 2 months overdue. I immediately logged on and paid it in full.
the call today asked for mrs s bonkerz so DH said he was my DH but apparently the name they used was thats not my name but my DH is simon.
my DH didnt really understand what they were saying but he explained tere was obviously a mix up and if they called later to talk to me it could be sorted but DH said tey mentioned fraud investigation.

I have just logged onto my account and tey did indeed have SIMONE as my name so i have corrected it.........
im just confused now .... i know DH has an account with another sister catalogue and am wondering if the accounts have just got mixed up or if this is possible.

im hoping once payment is processed tomorrow they will just close the account anyway as i will owe nothing.
can they do anything? how can i prove its their mistake not mine??????

pocketmonster Mon 20-Jul-09 23:10:13

Personally if you've paid it off I would leave it be. But if they contact you again, make it absolutely clear to them that it was their mistake not yours and that you won't be bullied by them. If they persist go to your local Citizens Advice bureau - they will sort it out for you.

staryeyed Sun 26-Jul-09 10:40:05

Bonkerz I had a really stupid time with additions. I didnt even open an account I just ordered some clothes online and paid upfront. When the goods didnt arrive I called customer services who asked me if they could speak to my Dad (same surname) -he had an account with them. I said that my dad's account has nothing to do with me and we are clearly two seperate people. They refused to discuss it with me (compute says no scenario) so I just cancelled the order. so from my experience I would say its probably their incompetence.

Who are the bills addressed to? I doubt they would do anything. Its such a small amount.

mummy2isla Tue 28-Jul-09 22:13:44

Bonkerz write to them and set out the position in full. Say "Please confirm in writing that this will not affect my or Mr Bonkerz' credit rating." Then in a month's time do an experian credit check. If anything comes up, write to them and get them to confirm that they will remove it.

Hope that helps smile

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