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If I die and my children orphans...

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EmotionalRex Mon 20-Jul-09 10:49:04

OK cheery little topic here. My friend and I were just discussing if we and our spouses were, I dunno, hit by a piano and killed, and our children orphaned, who would look after our children.
The question is... if I want to 'leave' my children to someone, i.e., they have guardianship of my children (and yes, I'd ask them first of course, it's not like in Hollywood films wink ) do I need to have something drawn up by a solicitor or can I just write something down and sign it with the other person - would this still be classed as ok?

DuchessOfAvon Mon 20-Jul-09 10:52:59

You should make a will. You can do this yourself and there are will-writing forms that you can download and/or books to help. However, if you have any kind of complex financial arrangements or you own your house as Tenants In Common, you'll probably benefit from some legal advice.

Dying intestate just creates a lot of work for the living and you have no way of knowing that your wishes will be seen through.

(Says me who hasn't updated Will since birth of second child. blush)

scaryteacher Mon 20-Jul-09 15:40:13

My dh and I have made wills, and if we both die at the same time and ds survives, them my brother is his legal guardian and will look after him.

To get exactly what you want and to make sure it is watertight, use a solicitor. It cost £150 for our wills.

EmotionalRex Mon 20-Jul-09 22:49:49

thanks both )

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