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property in croatia we want to sell but STILL waiting for ownership papers, any advice?

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blueberrysorbet Fri 17-Jul-09 19:36:39


we have a property on croatia which we have had for a while, and we need to sell it urgently. however we are still waiting for the property ownership papers. the estate agent out there is in prison for corruption and fraud. we have asked solicitors in croatia to help but they aren;t interested. we are being fobbed off by everyone it seems. what should we do?
we don;t live there as its in the middle of being renovated and my dh works elsewhere now.

thanks -would love to hear if anyone else had this problem and how they sorted it out.

bigstripeytiger Fri 17-Jul-09 20:06:51

That doesnt sound good.
Would a solicitor in the UK be able to advise you further?
Or would going to croatia help, rather than dealing with it over the phone?

Is there anyway of checking if the property has formally been transferred into your names? maybe then it might be possible to get copies of the papers from whichever body is responsible for registering property ownership (if there is such a think in Croatia?)

babybarrister Sat 18-Jul-09 14:01:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

blueberrysorbet Sat 18-Jul-09 20:26:52

thanks, the embassy is hopeless, apparently lots of people have this issue.

the croatian lawyers we have contacted take all the details then become impossible to contact, its 3 now which have taken details, agreed to get it sorted then frankly become uncontactable. or they want LOTS of money up front, which of course we are very loathe to do, understandably.

the property has not been formally transferred as the estate agent was arrested at the time. he is still awaiting trial for 2 years now and the judge refuses to do anything to help us until he has heard the case - the man doesn't turn up (sick, forgot etc), so its just adjourned again.

to go to croatia is impossible really, we don't have the time off work. its not like the uk- you just get told to come back next week, then the next, until you go away.

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