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Water company - odd charge

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arolf Wed 15-Jul-09 12:18:21

My fiance was living in a studio apartment, alone, for 6 months, before moving out of that place and in with me in June. He got his final water bill for £90 for 31st of march -14th June, which we thought was quite a lot, but whatever, he'll pay it anyway.

However, looking closer, it seems he was in a metered property, and nobody knows where the meter is (water board included), so they have estimated his water usage as 38 cubic metres for 2 and a half months. According to the paperwork they sent with the bill, average usage is 2-3 cubic metres/adult/month. His previous bill (December to March) was £150 (not sure what cubic metre estimate was for that one).

He has called the water company who say it is not their problem, he (as the tenant) is responsible for checking the meter. The letting agency and landlord both say they were unaware of any meter.

We're not planning to fight the water company over this exactly, but we're wondering if we should - does anyone have any advice? the company is Three Valleys (althought they are now called Veolia for some reason). Sadly, they are our providers in the new place too!

thanks in advance for any input!

scaryteacher Wed 15-Jul-09 17:15:16

I used 24 cubic meters for 3 of us in a 4 bedroomed house doing washing, showering and dishwashing in a year. Methinks he is paying for the entire block, not just his studio flat.

If the whole block is metered and not the individual apartments then the owners of the block should be liable.

craftynclothy Wed 15-Jul-09 17:28:50

I would definitely check he's not paying for the whole block.

We lived in a new build flat at one point and our neighbours got a huge bill which turned out to be for the whole block.

We, OTOH, got no bill the entire time we were there and when we asked for one when we moved out the water company didn't know where the meters were hmm. They even sent an engineer out to try and find them...he couldn't shockhmm. We paid nothing, they never asked us for any money cos they couldn't work out what to charge us.

arolf Wed 15-Jul-09 19:09:35

that would make sense actually - I'll call them (or get him to) and argue until they agree to investigate!!


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