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Just badly cut foot on brand new end table - should I complain to shop that sold us the table???

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nakushita Wed 15-Jul-09 08:16:06

I don't want to go down the no-win-no-fee personal injury path or anything but I am really pissed off.

We just bought this table on a budget since we are skint but needed a table so went for the cheap option. It has plastic veneer covering but I have just found out the veneer is razor sharp all along the table edges and edges of table legs. The corners area also pretty sharp as LO was leaning on table to help him walk round it (just learned to walk) and he got red marks on his hands and stomach (through his clothes) from the sharp edges. I have tried to smooth down the edges with sand paper and the table has also been assembled using proper screws since the ones that came with the table didn't fit properly. I suppose we should really have sent it back before even assembling it but it was already half up and we didn't really notice just how sharp the edges were until we started to get injuries.

Anyway, I slipped and my foot literally brushed against one of the table legs. There was blood pouring all over the carpet and I noticed a chunk of skin has been sliced off in a clean cut. It's not too deep or anything but I am just so angry at the shitty quality of the table making it actually dangerous.

What can I do about this? Should I just contact the furniture shop directly and tell them what happened? I have sanded down the sahrp edges that cut me as I am terrifed of something happening to LO and i have moved the table out of harms way for now...

Any advice?

sweetfall Wed 15-Jul-09 08:17:44

not fit for purpose - take it back and demand refund

nannyL Wed 15-Jul-09 10:25:23

OMG... agree you cant keep that table...

take it back, demand a refund and get one that isnt going to slice you to pieces every time you touch it

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