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arghh money gone out of account, reassurance please!!!

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mumtojames Mon 13-Jul-09 18:44:14

help, on friday i tried to draw some money out of my dh account ( he knows!!!) but atm at last minute (after giving card back) whilst it sounds like its counting, came up with 'machine unable to complete transaction'. i thought nothing of it, thinking machine out of money, it was only going into saving account so didnt bother. then i checked his account just now and its been taken out as though i've had it!!! dh not home till late so wont be able to ring back till am, but please tell me i should be okay and get it credited back.... it wasnt our bank (barclays)machine it was abbeys in same town. common sense tells me its should be okay but its was £250!!!!!!shock
this happened to anyone else??

lynniep Mon 13-Jul-09 18:57:55

I would ring customer services as soon as he gets in. Its a 24 hr helpline for barclays. Just tell them what happened. They're usually pretty helpful, and at least you've logged the incident then.

It may be that they tell you to go speak to someone in the Abbey branch (who would probably then tell you to ring another helpline!) but these things generally get sorted.

I had a similar thing happen when I was in Sydney when I used my barclaycard in a machine and it didnt cough up. I rang them straight away and it was sorted.

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