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Stat Mat Pay with old company - but starting new job - what happens

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rainbowrosie Mon 13-Jul-09 09:44:42


I am probably being very dumb - but i am receiving stat mat pay from my old company which is through till Nov 09

However i will be going back to work for a new company in August

Anyone know what happens in terms of 1st Pay packet and stopping Stat mat pay - i am assuming the stat mat pay must stop

how does this work in the systems i guess i wanted to make sure that i got a paid at the end of august by someone - and that would seem to be the stat mat pay - with my new salary in september

would i have to pay back august stat mat if i worked - i think i can earn a certain amoung

thanks!!! x

MrAnchovy Tue 14-Jul-09 18:36:22

You need to tell your old employer that you are starting work for a new employer; they must pay you SMP up to the week before you start your new job (if they pay you any longer than this because you don't tell them in time, you will have to pay some back), and they should give you a P45 you can give to your new employer.

I should ask your new employer when they are going to pay you for time worked in August.

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