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airport tax - refund of this when flight cancelled??

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Eve Wed 18-May-05 17:56:11

I need to cancel some flights I had booked with and they are refusing to refund me any money for the flight and tax.

I can understand the flight costs not being refunded but as the tax doen't belong to them and only applies if you fly, aren't they obliged to refund that? partciculary if asked for it?

Tickets were about £2.50 each way, but tax amounts to about £60, hence I would like it back.

Trifle Sat 21-May-05 19:00:48

British Airways for example make an admin charge of £30 per ticket if anyone cancels and wants the tax portion of their ticket back which often negates any refund. I know there has been quite a bit of hoo-haa about this previously when people have insisted on having it refunded.'s website says tickets are non refundable and even if you did try and push for one they may well say that the admin charge would make the refund negligible if at all.

MrsBigD Sat 21-May-05 19:09:03

Eve I think my father mentioned something that there was actually a court case and that you are entitled to the tax back, but as trifle said... they then probably levy an admin fee...

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