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tax credits - is it worth me working?

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bumblingalong Sat 04-Jul-09 20:21:43

I'm starting back at work tommorrow after maternity leave & have been told that all we qualify for is now £426pa & no help towards childcare. BUT if i wasn't working & on job seekers we'd qualify for £5500pa + job seekers £60 per week.
I've guestimated that after tax, childcare petrol, parking etc i'll bring home a poxy £3000 pa.
Can anyone tell me if i can claim j/s if i've been on maternity leave & if i can how long for cos i'm also 11 wks pregnant with twins!

mommy6 Sat 04-Jul-09 21:59:10

To claim JSA you have to be unemployed and prove you are looking for work.You would have to have good good reason for not going back to your current job.Or they will say you can't claim anything for 26 weeks.
You don't say if you have an other half but i take it you have,so his income would be took into account.I think they take anything over 20 pounds off your JSA pound for pound.
JSA is 100 pounds a week for a couple or 60 pounds for a single person.

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