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How to obtain a refund?

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franch Mon 16-May-05 20:53:15

You lot came up trumps for me recently when some stuff I ordered on the net didn't arrive. This was the email you helped me put together (which got immediate results):

"I have not received a reply to the message below and, more than a month on, I have still received nothing from you.
Please either post the goods by recorded delivery or provide an immediate refund.
If I have not heard back from you by the end of the day (Tuesday), I will be contacting Trading Standards and asking my credit card company to retrieve the funds from you."

This time, I'm trying to get a refund from a company who run French classes for babies and toddlers. When I originally enquired, the woman said they didn't do trial classes - you had to pay for 12 classes in one go - but that if you didn't like it you could get a refund after your 1st class. The class was, in the event, completely unsuitable for DD (15m) - pitched at a far older age group - so I emailed, explained politely, and duly asked for my refund. No reply. I've now sent the email 4 times - still no reply. (They were v quick to reply when I originally enquired about classes.) Just went to their website to get their phone no and it's no longer there - now I'm worried. I've found an 0845 number for them from the cached page, but what should I say to them? I need something solid I can threaten them with, as I did with the website I emailed before. What's my position? Who would I complain to if I get no joy? Do Trading Standards apply here, or something else?

And is there anything I can do if they've gone out of business?

Thanks in advance for your help

franch Mon 16-May-05 21:02:05

PS: Just looked the company up on Companies House website - according to them it's still active - their accounts are overdue and the co. has had 2 previous names, but nothing more sinister than that. There is a head office address (they just had a PO Box no. listed on their own website).

JulieF Tue 17-May-05 16:13:10

Can you say who they are?

I think it would be trading standards as they are in breach of whatthey told you. They led you to beleive you could have a refund if you found the classes unsuitable and they have not provided that.

Are the classes run on a franchise basis. If so you need to be contacting the local franchisee direct, not the head office in the first instance, but complain to head office if you get no reply.

franch Tue 17-May-05 17:59:13

Thanks for replying Julie. Unfortunately I found out today that the company's gone bust. They're called 1.2.3 Soleil. See this thread.

lemonice Tue 17-May-05 18:27:45

Did you pay by credit card if so you may be able to get a refund from the card company even if the company is bust(but as it is a service rather than goods I'm not sure)

franch Wed 18-May-05 07:46:55

Will look into that lemonice, thanks.

franch Wed 18-May-05 15:32:22

Just rang NatWest MasterCard - they were v helpful - said to send them a copy of the letter that I'll receive from the insolvency practitioners, and they will then credit the money back to my a/c and pursue the money for me. Hurrah! Thanks for your help Julie & Lemon

lemonice Wed 18-May-05 15:46:28

So pleased you are not going to lose the money

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