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British Gas are trying to screw us for nearly £500

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totalmisfit Thu 02-Jul-09 15:57:57

Right, it's a bit complicated so please bear with me. We moved out of our flat last August and settled all our bills before doing so. We decided to rent it out as we needed to move 150 miles away for work/sanity purposes.

In March this year, our tenant informed us that British Gas were chasing us for around £160 in unpaid bills. We had had a direct debit every month which my husband had been paying from his account(he has much evidence of this in his bankstatements but sadly we seem to have lost most of the paper bills British Gas sent us during the move).

I called them and said 'look, we know we don't owe you anything, we settled up ages ago' and was told by quite a helpful lady that BG had been cocking up their bills/meter readings all over the place, and in fact had managed to muddle up all the different flats in the block so that they had no idea who owed what anymore. She said she would 'reverse' the bill within 11 working days for me as she could see that we didn't owe them anything.

Obviously, i never heard back from her and as BG refused to acknowledge the new address we had given them for future correspondence, they continued to only correspond with us at the flat in London (not much use as our tenants are barely there, we don't speak to them very often and we live in Norfolk).

They also claimed (and i do have a letter to prove it) that the Housing Association we bought the property from in 2006 owed them £157.96. However, a month or so later BG bizarrly sent a cheque to the flat for £200,reimbursement for payments apparently made during the period we were paying the bills. unfortunately this cheque was made payable to the Housing association, who hadn't had responsibility for the flat since we bought it in 2006 and not to us! So clearly British Gas don't know whether they're coming or going.

Today I got a phonecall from the Litigation Services Company, who claim that BG have asked them to chase us for close to £500! Wtf is going on?

I've left a message for our local Citizens Advice bureau and if they don't get back to us, dh is going to drop in on Monday with the evidence we've managed to get together, but until then, can anyone help me through this ridiculous mess? Anyone else had similar problems with British Gas recently?

MaryBS Thu 02-Jul-09 20:17:21

I don't know if these can help?

leenasmom Mon 06-Jul-09 19:36:06

we had a similar problem when our tennant moved out back in 2006...we wanted to change the meters to prepayment after we changed the accounts over to our names but they BG kept sending letters in the tenants name(appointments to call out to change meter) they even missed two appointments..later on discovered they were changing all the accounts from one 'system' to another.after phoning them for over 6 months i gave up and just got the new tenant to open an ac in there own name and let them send bills in the old tenants name that i paid...was much easier than rehash over it i can believe they have conked up your bills contact your cab and dont let them get away with it! good luck though

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