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harrasment/injunction any advice please

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kentmumtj Mon 15-Jun-09 20:40:59

I welcome advice on these areas from anyone who has had an injunction for this and also advice from any solicitors out there

Does this constitues harrassement and can i get an injunction out for it.

2 family members and someone they know have been sending nasty texts to my dad and dd. they are not threatening but are extremley spiteful and nasty. I have received a letter also very spiteful and nasty things said.
My dd was approched by one of the family members in a large shop and verbally abused leaving her in floods of tears.

We are all feeling very emotionally drained by all of this and they do not seem to be putting a stop to this. It is becoming a daily occurance.

I will be chaning 2 of my dd's mobile numbers to protect them from any more texts.

The friend of theirs is in fact a 17/18 year old las who atends my dd's sixth form, he is also making her life unbearable at school. they are aware of this but are unable to do anything as such.

There are so many rumours flying around that have bee fabricated by these people.

They are family members whom we have no contact with due to their mental health problems and long term cannabis use. They are clearly extremley angry that we made a decision not to have anything more to do with them due to the emotional damage we felt our children were at risk of if we continued allowing them into our lives.

Please can someone give me some advice as it is becoming unbearable and has been going on for 6 weeks now

DLI Mon 15-Jun-09 20:51:40

i would report it to the police. the police have now got powers under the Harassment Act (think thats what it is called. They may have a word with the offenders and that might just be enough

kentmumtj Mon 15-Jun-09 20:56:22

i will be contacting the police but want to make sure they cant emotionlly abuse my children again which was why in was thinking about an injunction

MrsMcCluskey Mon 15-Jun-09 21:13:05

Police have powere to deal with this sort of issue under the harrassment act.
Would highly recommend the change of phone numbers.
Initially Police will issue an 'harrassment warning' to the offenders and keep a record of it.
If the harrassment continues then the offenders can be arrested and possibly charged.If convicted at Court then the MAgistrates can issue a restraining order.

An injunction ( now known as a non molestation order) is issued through the civil courts. A solicitor can apply for this but it costs - unless you have legal aid.

kentmumtj Mon 15-Jun-09 21:18:41

i dont have a problem paying for an injunction if it protects us all

SolidGoldBrass Mon 15-Jun-09 21:22:20

Yes, contact the police and a solicitor. The anti-harassment laws are not just to do with failed couple-relationships, this would be covered as well and can be dealt with.

MrsMcCluskey Mon 15-Jun-09 21:25:20

You could get a solicitor to write a letter in the first instance

kentmumtj Mon 15-Jun-09 21:30:26

So should I go to the police or a solicitor first?

MrsMcCluskey Mon 15-Jun-09 21:34:03

I would try the Police first.
If you dont get any joy try solicitor.

kentmumtj Mon 15-Jun-09 22:10:28

ok, thank you very much

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