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tax credits query please advise

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confusedatadge Fri 12-Jun-09 08:50:52

i work 18 and a half hrs though my form says 19 as they dont deal it half hrs. My dh works too full time and were both self employed as well (we are not well of by any means!). I have just realised the hrs on my form relate just to my paid emaployment and not my self employment though obv the salaries are always quoting both added together. If i ringup now and say i also work 3 hrs a week self employed but sometimes its up to 8 will this affect my monies (i also get childcare paid for 3 days) . is there any benefit to telling them this eg is there a chance i would get more monies - i just want to know the mechanics of it really does it go in brackets or something so more i work even though salary will be the same would we get more? No i am not going to be decietful.....

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