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payplan..........has anyone any experience of then?

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blushingm Thu 11-Jun-09 18:05:17

dh had his hours reduced so i contacted the mortgage co and the agrred a consession but they recommended a company called payplan for help with the unsecured debts we have - i'd never heard of them have any of you?


XXModernMomXX Sun 28-Jun-09 11:44:38

Hi - I had my 2nd phone consultation with them last night (you can arrange a phone appointment for any time of the day that is convenient for you!) and I found them most helpful.

My trade union recomended them and so far so good - I'm drowning in debt and didn't know where to turn. They took all my details yesterday about income and expenditure, debts and mortgage etc.... and they are due to call me back tomorrow evening with a list of my options....fee free! I'm quite impressed!

I contacted them for debt advice and I know yours is a different issue but I have found them most helpful and approachable so far. Their website is pretty informative so have a look at that first!

blushingm Sun 28-Jun-09 12:44:33

MM thanks - i'd never heard of them and really need to sort this out - i cxan't ignore it any longer sadblush

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