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Income Support claim: received letter telling me what paying, but no money,now seems a prob, *HELP*

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onlygotonelife Thu 11-Jun-09 14:25:01

Put in a claim for IS over 11 weeks ago.
It's taken ages as I have a 2nd property in my name, in negative equity,rented out,which makes a loss after paying mortgage & services.

I've given them all the info, filled in forms, and more forms,then finally received a letter this week stating the amounts I'm getting from March.

I called to see when I'd get the money, and was toldI shouldhave got it Tuesday,and to check my account today- still no money.

I called again & the lady said paymenthadn't been processed because my tax credits hadn't been put on system (info given in initial claim)

Then she said that the MI12 from the 2nd property had been received (MI12from both mortgage companies were sent back last week), the rental was being taken as income, and the person making a decision was at lunch.

How can I get a letter confirming the benefit after 11 weeks, and tons of info,and suddenly there seems to be a problem even though no new info has been received????????

I'm beyond frustration, and quite despairing as am living on peanuts at themoment and sinking further into debt sadsad

juicyjolly Thu 11-Jun-09 18:18:49

If you have had a letter off the benefits saying that you will be in receipt of income support soon, then you could phone the crisis loan team that are with the benefits agency. They loan you the amount of income support you are waiting for and then once your benefits start arriving the crisis loan will be returned to them weekly in small amounts from your income support payments (no interest is added for this)

onlygotonelife Thu 11-Jun-09 18:38:09

Thanks for that - I managed to speak to someone else, who actually rang me back (a miracle!) and says it was a small error,but I should get the money next week... I don't want to get my hopes up as everyone I speak to gives me different info. But thanks for letting me know about the loan, that's v useful to know

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