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tax credits joint claim to single claim

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wonderif Mon 08-Jun-09 15:04:11

could anyone advise how long it will take for tax credits to sort out a joint claim to a single claim.

me and ex partner split 6 wks ago i didnt advise tax credits as we were trying to sort things for a long time, and wanted to wait and see.

now i am moving out into parents house, it suits me to do this, split is amicable etc, however i am concerned that the 40 a week i get now will just stop and i need that money to survive.

i work part part and 40 a week is a help as ex partner gets paid monthly so he sorts me out at the end of the month.

should i phone tax credits and inform them off change? would i be entitled to much more does anyone know?

Pinkfox Mon 08-Jun-09 16:29:21

You need to ring them ASAP and let them know, tell them he left 6 weeks ago as it gets back dated.

Change it to a single name claim, they will check all the details with you but you may find you get more as your incomings will be less due to being a single person.

Also check sites such as (sorry I dont have exact link!). There may be lots of other things you need to sort out or claim for. You may also find you qualify for working tax credit and help with childcare.

Good luck

ChasingSquirrels Mon 08-Jun-09 22:29:13

you need to let them know asap.
The split STOPS the joint claim and you need to make a new single claim.
If you don't then when they find out they will stop the joint claim from the date of the split and you can only back date the new claim by 3 months (I think it is 3). You will then owe them money as you won't be entitled to the money you received after the split, and the new claim won't go back to get new money from that.

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