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Getting a CCJ removed - little bit long sorry

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goodbyesunhellomoon Sun 07-Jun-09 10:45:50

We have a CCJ on our record for a paltry £300 to a letting agent who found tenants to put in our house and it's all my fault sad

We have been through the ringer financially since DH went self employed in 2007. We had to move out of our home and put tenants in as we couldn't afford the mortgage (this we have done without the mortgage companies consent, but it was either that or bankruptcy)

Not the best situation to be in, but we have survived and kept our heads above water and are now on a set salary which covers all our bills. We have great tenants now, the mortgage is being paid (so the lender is none the wiser) and we can sell the place in Jan 2011 when we come out of our high penalty fixed rate and hopefully house prices will have gone up a bit too....that will be a happy happy day for me I tell you!!)

But, does anyone know how or had any experience of getting a CCJ removed?

We haven't paid it off nor made any payments towards it yet....due to principle.

((Long story - you don't need to read - just a hard done by rant!!...... Basically the tenants this company found damaged our property, were consistently late with rent and moved out after only 7 months - which is up to them obviously, but the letting agent wanted money for the full 12 months - the letting agent cited that we had been ignoring their letters and telephone calls - which we hadn't, they didn't contact us once after I wrote to them stating we were having temporary financial difficulties. A CCJ order arrived out of the blue from them. I hid it from DH as he was tearing his hair out with stress over a million other things and tried to deal with it myself, but I was due to give birth anyday - I actually spoke to the arsehole manager of the letting agent while in latent labour for gods sake!!! He told me he had been 'bombarding' DH with emails, which was a lie - and he took no sympathy with me - we had already paid them £1500 by the way))

(It all came out when we moved to a new rented flat and they credit checked us, I broke down to DH - he was angry that the letting agent had taken advantage like that...but because I had hidden it from him, it was on our file now and there was nothing we could really do - and it has been left like that eversince))

uuurrggh horrible dark times - but anyway - if we pay it in full, can we get it moved off our file within a year say? Or can we appeal now to have it removed as it was unfairly received? (we've had it since June 2008 though)

We're not trying to buy anthing on credit but next summer (July 2010), we will be moving to a new rented home in a school catchment area for DD, and don't want to be credit checked again.

Many thanks smile

LoveBeingAMummy Tue 09-Jun-09 08:15:07

Sorry but it can't be removed if you pay it then it will be shown as statisfied and then remains on your file for I think 7 years.

this might help explain it all

iheartdusty Tue 09-Jun-09 08:44:50

well, it is possible to set aside a judgment and for the clock to be 'wound back' so the claim can then be defended,
but this will not be permitted unless you acted 'promptly' when you first found out about it. 'promptly' generally means within a few weeks at most. I think you have left it too long to have any chance of this, but you might want to get some advice about it.

You are allowed to put an explanatory note on a credit file to attach to an entry.

idranktheteaatwork Tue 09-Jun-09 11:39:09

You only have 4 weeks from the date the judgement was awarded to pay it off in full and have it removed that way or make an applicastion for the judgement to be set aside.

You can pay it off in full now and pay £15 to the issuing court to give you a certificate of satisfaction, the judgement remains on your file for 6 yrs from date of issue.

The certficate of satisfaction will also be notified electronically to the credit agencies, your record would reflect this after around 2-3 months.

A satisfied judgement is always better than an unpaid one but it will still affect your ability to get credit.

You can put a "notice of correction" on your credit files but this is more for correcting things like addres details etc and wouldn't make any difference to your credit score.

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