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Driving theory test - can anyone tell me what the examination room is like?

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WetAugust Fri 05-Jun-09 23:04:47

I'm too old to have taken the separate theory examination part of the driving test so am unable to explain to my son what the exam room etc is like.

Can anyone tell me - how many candidates sit in the room at one time to take the test. Is the room noisy? He has difficulty concentrating in a noisy background so wanted to know if it was worth asking for special arrangments or not.

Thank you

ruddynorah Fri 05-Jun-09 23:07:16

rows of booths. each booth has computer in. you touch the screen for your answers.

people in and out all the time. it's not like ok everyone you have 40 minutes starting now..

it's more like hello ruddy, booth 3 please. hello wetaugust booth 4 please. and you just go when you're finished.

MegBusset Fri 05-Jun-09 23:18:16

It's like a call centre. Individual booths with computers in. At mine I got a set of headphones to block out noise, check with your local centre if they have these.

littleducks Fri 05-Jun-09 23:18:26

It is silent

ROws of computer booths like a school computer room or learning resource centre, computers have headphones

Invigilator only speaks outside room

You can touch screen or use mouse as on a normal pc

I would recommend signing up to this website for practice questions, i used the £2 ish package and passed twice (had to retake as certificate expired)

ruddynorah Fri 05-Jun-09 23:19:56

oh and they print your results for you as soon as you're done.

luvaduck Fri 05-Jun-09 23:48:21

yes practice
and if he presses the screen too often when he sees an obstacle he might fail that section
but do practice dvd first then he'll see

cheesesarnie Sat 06-Jun-09 00:14:05

like booths.took a little while to get used to people coming and going but was fine.i had headphones for hazard perception bit.i think theyre was maybe 10 at a guess in room,but didnt really take any notice.

WetAugust Sat 06-Jun-09 00:40:59

Thanks to all who replied. I think he may be able to manage that OK. He's practising like mad at the momment and it's not until 11 July!


cheesesarnie Sun 07-Jun-09 13:52:10

goodluck to him!if you/he are still worried it might be worth him phoning the centre to discuss his needs.

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