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Completed but solicitor forgot to include fees in the final account - can he do this?

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dontknowwhat2do Fri 05-Jun-09 21:48:49

We have just bought our first house. We have completed and have the keys etc.

However, our solicitor has now sent us an amended bill saying that he forgot to include the land reg fee of £150 and can we now pay him this to register the property.

Bit confused as thought that a final account should be just that - do we have to pay him?

messageinabottle Fri 05-Jun-09 21:51:49

Realistically yes; it was a final account yes but he made a mistake

better get it to him quick too, if I'm not mistaken he has to register within eight weeks-the obvious result if he doesn't register in that time is that the property won't be yours shock

nannyL Fri 05-Jun-09 22:13:30

I agree yes

it was a mistake

you asked him to provide a service and he provided it and IMO you have a moral obligation to pay

messageinabottle Fri 05-Jun-09 22:15:19

legally be yours

SingingBear Fri 05-Jun-09 22:16:46

Message withdrawn

dontknowwhat2do Sat 06-Jun-09 06:57:54

He did apologise, I guess Ill forgive him and pay up!


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