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I may need to cancel Legoland trip, we took out insurance with them but I dont understand it!!!! Please help by explaining!!!

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dontdillydally Thu 04-Jun-09 22:36:15

5. Cancellation by you: Should you or any member of your party need to cancel your booking once it has been confirmed, the party leader must immediately advise us. All cancellations must be made through Holiday Extras and are subject to the conditions and charges (based on the total booking cost) below…
When Cancelled… Cancellation Charge (% of total booking amount) On day of arrival - 100%

Within 1-3 days of arrival - 75%

Within 4-14 days of arrival - 50%

More than 14 days in advance of arrival - 25%

Cancellation on the date of purchase - 0% before 8pm - Unless your stay date is within 24 hours then 100% cancellation fees apply.

Cancellation Protection If you pay our non-refundable Cancellation Charges Waiver this will protect you if you need to cancel your booking. Provided you cancel your LEGOLAND Holidays booking before the day of travel, our normal cancellation charge of up to 75% of the total booking amount will not apply. Please note that if you cancel a LEGOLAND Holidays booking on the day of travel or afterwards you will be charged the full cost of your booking including the cost of the Cancellation Charges Waiver 6. Changes and cancellation by us: Occasionally, we have to make changes to and correct errors on web sites / brochures and other details both before and after bookings have been confirmed and cancel confirmed bookings and we must reserve the right to do so. Occasionally, we have to make a "significant change". "Significant changes" include the following changes when made before departure;

a change of accommodation to that of a lower official classification or standard

a change of accommodation area

If we have to make a significant change or cancel, we will tell you as soon as possible. If there is time to do so before departure, we will offer you the choice of the following options:

(a) accepting the changed arrangements or

?(b) purchasing an alternative LEGOLAND break from us, of a similar standard to that originally booked if available. If the chosen alternative is less expensive than your original one, we will refund the difference but if it is more expensive, we will not ask you to pay any more.

?(c) cancelling or accepting the cancellation in which case you will receive a full and quick refund of all monies you have paid to us. Please note, the above options are not available where any change made is a minor one.

If we have to notify you of a significant change or cancel before departure, we will, as a minimum, where compensation is due pay you 20 per person depending on the compensation payments set out in the table below depending on the circumstances and when the significant change or cancellation is notified to you, subject to the following exceptions:

Compensation will not be payable and no liability beyond offering the above mentioned choices can be accepted where we are forced to make a change or cancel as a result of unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which we could not have avoided even with all due care.

No compensation will be payable and the above options will not be available if we cancel as a result of your failure to comply with any requirement of these booking conditions entitling us to cancel (such as paying on time)

In all cases, our liability for significant changes and cancellations is limited to offering you the above mentioned options and, where applicable, compensation. We regret we cannot pay any expenses, costs or losses incurred by you as a result of any change or cancellation. 7. Force Majeure: Except where otherwise expressly stated in these booking conditions, we regret we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by or you otherwise suffer any damage or loss (as more fully described in clause 9 (1) below) as a result of "force majeure".

In these Booking Conditions, "force majeure" means any event which we or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity or actual threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire and all similar events outside our control.

thisisyesterday Thu 04-Jun-09 22:40:04

if you've paid the cancellation charges waiver then you're fine as long as you weren't supposed to be there today

dontdillydally Thu 04-Jun-09 22:48:44

no go on Sunday so have to make a decision - family member in hopsital. I paid the cancellantion fee they didnt mention anything about waiver etc...

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Thu 04-Jun-09 22:52:06

So you get 25% of the money back. sad Can you sell the package on eBay?

JackBauer Thu 04-Jun-09 22:56:05

I came onto the thread with good intentions but that's just soo dull.

<props eyes open and goes back to reread>

dontdillydally Thu 04-Jun-09 22:59:55

25% back thats crap - they NEVER mentioned the wavier Im goign to call tommorrow as when I took it out she said at any time you want to cancel you can - ohhh Im soooo mad!!!

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Thu 04-Jun-09 23:02:07

But did you pay the Cancellation charge waiver??

JackBauer Thu 04-Jun-09 23:10:15

I think it all depends on whether the insurance included the Cancellation Charges Waiver or not. If it did then you should get full refund, if not then you will only get 24% back.

JackBauer Thu 04-Jun-09 23:11:17

24? I mean 25 obviously.

She was right, you can cancel at any time, you just might not get your money back. She was being somewhat selective. Pisses me off when they do that!

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Thu 04-Jun-09 23:15:38

So you could technically say you were led to believe that the insurance that you paid covered you for all cancellations as this is what you were led to believe. You could say that you were misled into entering this contract as you were told you were free to cancel and get a refund (?) at any time, therefore it's a invalid contract and you are entitled to a refund under the Sale of Goods Act.

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