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Credit cards - balance transfers at 0% - best site please?

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Tinker Mon 09-May-05 11:55:57

That's it really. Which site gives details of best offers?


WideWebWitch Mon 09-May-05 11:56:35

The Motley Fool I'd have though Tinks, hang on

WideWebWitch Mon 09-May-05 11:57:23


anchovies Mon 09-May-05 11:57:34

moneysavingexpert has all the latest deals on everything money related

popsycal Mon 09-May-05 11:58:30

you have reminded me that mine needs doing

anchovies Mon 09-May-05 12:00:11

Not really relevant but useful on moneysavingexpert as well for "rate tarts" - they email just before you're current deal expires and tell you the next best offers

Titania Mon 09-May-05 12:00:21

eek........deja vu!!! this is how i ended up with £28,000 of debt.......never again will i own a credit card!!!!

Tinker Mon 09-May-05 12:01:56

Ooo, spoilt for choice. Thank you people.

Tinker Mon 09-May-05 12:20:02

Blimey, that was painless. Intelligent Finance this time

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