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council notice to terminate introductionary tenancy

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firsttimetobe Thu 04-Jun-09 09:53:50

hello all.

i have recieved a letter from the council for the above..
iam really scared and worried as i was homeless before i got the propery, and my baby is now 7 month, last time i was homeless i was preg.
anyway the story is, i was on maternity allowance, me been stupid i thought i was getting housing benefit , then about 3 months into having the propery i got a letter stating my counciltax/housing benefit entitlement, which was only single person discount, so i then phoned the housing which told me i was in hundreds pounds arears, so i made an arangent to pay what i could off, it now stands i owe them 445 pounds, however i was awarded income sup;port from 1st june and have informed housing and housing benefit ppl, i will pay off the what i owe them now that it isnt adding up as i will be entitled to fulll hb. however i have had this letter stating they are going to ask court for the possesion of the flat back on the 5th july.
iam sooo worried, it say on the letter i can write and requst a review , i have done so , just waiting for the reply to that. any advice plz, has any1 ever had this letter? where do i stand, i have nowhere to go if made homeless again.

HecatesTwopenceworth Thu 04-Jun-09 09:55:21

Go to the citizens advice bureau - they can advise you and also speak to the council on your behalf and negotiate something.

firsttimetobe Thu 04-Jun-09 10:11:31

is citizens advice bureau at the job centre? im not used to none of this never been there before? will i have t make an apointment? thankyou.

firsttimetobe Thu 04-Jun-09 10:15:50

hi i know where it is now, i will go when i can get busfare money, thankyou.

BetsyBoop Thu 04-Jun-09 10:29:25

you could also try the Shelter advice line

dilemma456 Thu 04-Jun-09 12:03:46

Message withdrawn

Tortington Thu 04-Jun-09 12:15:20

the council cannot evict you for the want of 445 they will be laughed out of court - especially if you have an agreement in place.

so either you are confused - or there is additional information that you arent' providing.

please ring shelter.

Tortington Thu 04-Jun-09 12:26:44

If you receive a ‘Notice to
Terminate’, it means the Council
intends to obtain an Order for
Possession from the County
Court to seek your eviction from
the property. If they get the order,
you will be evicted. As an
introductory tenant you will have
the right to request a review of
the Council’s decision to evict

Tortington Thu 04-Jun-09 12:27:28

that was something i googled

firsttimetobe Thu 04-Jun-09 12:56:56

yes that is what it says custardo? i am really worried that they will be able to evict me, i have wrote to the housing place asking for a aranged payment plan , now that iam in receipt of full housing benefit, so my rent will not keep adding up.iam going to go to cab tomorrow.

GypsyMoth Thu 04-Jun-09 13:04:33

My friend has one of these temporary contract things!! Unfortunately, it seems that if you mess up in the first year then they can remove you from their property. You aren't a full tenant with full rights.
And non payment, for whatever reason, is one of the main reasons for not getting contract upgraded. The trust is broken. This is how she got her flat, previous tenant wasn't upgraded. You have to prove yourself to be a fit tenant.

firsttimetobe Thu 04-Jun-09 13:10:22

dilemma i live in leeds.

firsttimetobe Thu 04-Jun-09 13:13:57

also, a girl i know got evicted from hers, for rent, but she was alowed to still get a council property in the future and now has one? will i be able to register on the councl again and try get another property?but then what would be the point iam ok were iam if they let me pay the money i owe?

dilemma456 Thu 04-Jun-09 13:32:33

Message withdrawn

GypsyMoth Thu 04-Jun-09 13:34:31

You must have been aware though, they must have surely sent letter after letter from the very beginning?

firsttimetobe Thu 04-Jun-09 13:51:18

the first letter i recieved was at 360 pounds in debt , plus adding the 45 pound every monday. thankyou dilemma i have wrote to those now, iam writing housing a letter now and going to walk there, and tomorrow im gonig to go to cab. thankyou, it doesnt look goof i know iam going to get evicted i start stop crying, not for me but for my daughter i dont no what we are going to do or wher eto go. thnks anyway.

Tortington Thu 04-Jun-09 15:19:16

shelter advice

Tortington Thu 04-Jun-09 15:23:37

leeds council introductory tenancy guide

"...Your tenancy agreement says that
you must pay your rent, and that
you must pay on time. If you are
four weeks behind, we will contact
you. We'll check you're getting the
right benefits and let you make an
agreement to pay off the money in
regular amounts on top of your
weekly rent. But we'll take legal
action if the arrears reach eight
weeks - or even sooner in some
cases. The options available to us
include either extending your
introductory tenancy for a further
six months or applying to the Court
to have you evicted straight away.
We will decide on which option to
use taking into account all the
relevant circumstances. We
will tell you about our decision..."

so - did they contac you when you were 4 weeks behind?

what did they say?

did they arrange a payment plan?

do you have this in writing?

Tortington Thu 04-Jun-09 15:27:12 council+introductory+tenancy+rent+arrears&cd=6&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk

leeds tenants federation - they look like an organised bunch it would help you if you could get someone on your side from them. perhaps ask if they could accompany you to the council office and act as a kind of advocate - this might not be a service they oficially provide - but i bet my arse they know their shit.

Tortington Thu 04-Jun-09 15:29:10

leeds tenants federation this is the more useful page

they look awesome!

firsttimetobe Thu 04-Jun-09 15:32:07

custardo yes i did arrange a pamynet plan,however on 2 occasions i missed it/payed abit under, but i went to the housing office and explained, i have just been down, she got on the fone to the accountsteam and they said i have to go for the review meeting and see if it gets took to court, i feel a right tit started beefin infront of everyone at the office fingers crossed they give me this chance or i really am up the creek..

RumourOfAHurricane Thu 04-Jun-09 15:37:31

Message withdrawn

Tortington Thu 04-Jun-09 15:46:20

for the want of £400 they would be shooting themselves in the foot financially - but assuming that anyone looks at the process as a whole is a mistake - its all departmental budgets - not whether the real cost of evicting you is 10 x the amount you owe

ooh sorry rant

firsttimetobe Thu 04-Jun-09 15:55:22

they said if it goes to court that it will automaticaly be awarded back to them or something on them lines due to it been my first 12 months in the property, i have emailed council and councilors and tht website you showed me , fingers crossed one will get back with some help, i would phone but got no credit or a house phone.
iam hoping now its all i can do

Tortington Thu 04-Jun-09 16:17:27

no its really not - you can go to a phone box with 40p and ask them to ring you back.

you cannot wait

yes - starter tenancies are designed specifically to get you out if they need to.

you need to speak to someone - you can't wait - you really can't.

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