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Suspected faulty electricity meter - how to deal with?

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maggiethecat Wed 03-Jun-09 15:24:15

Requested ours to be checked last Oct and technician came and said it appeared to be running fast yet Eon say that it was reported as slow. We eventually agreed to pay large bill on payment plan but recently a meter reader came and it worked out that for period from last reading to the current one we had used an average of 26 units of elec/day! I called Eon and they said I should record usage for 4 days. The following day the reading showed use of 112 units in 24 hours.
I called Eon up and reported this and they said to keep taking readings. Over the 4 days, average use fell to about 25/day. I've told them that something is not right (considering that my normal avg consumption is 12/day and we are doing nothing different except using turning on lights less) and their only suggestion is to have a check meter installed at a cost of 93 pounds - if my meter is faulty I dont pay but if it is not, I pay.
On top of all this they claim that they have no records of my meter being read recently and that it is due for reading in June. (how convenient that energy suppliers contract out the readings and I cannot even call someone to query where my reading is!!)
Energy consumer watchdog can only suggest sending meter off for testing.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this??

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