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Is it worth trying to chase payment?

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2anddone Tue 02-Jun-09 22:50:11

Hi I am a childminder and one of my parents gave notice last week effective immediately. I was very shocked as didn't see it coming and wasn't given reason so just reminded her that it would need putting in writing. She said she would write a letter and 10 days later still waiting to arrive. My contract which both myself and parents signed says notice required on both sides is 2 weeks or 2 weeks payment in lieu of notice. They paid me in advance so the first week was already paid for so I am owed for this week (£130) I have sent an invoice but have heard nothing. Should I write again what do I do about chasing payment? Is it worth chasing for not a huge amount though I am feeling it is more the principle than the actual money (though as dh and I have just separated the cash will come in handy too) Please help me TIA

mumblechum Tue 02-Jun-09 22:53:30

I think the thing to do is write quite a formal letter saying that if the money isn't paid within 7 days then you will issue a summons in the small claims court.

Accompanying the letter you should send a draft claim form (form N1, downloadable from the court website to show that you're serious.

If they don't cough up, issue the summons (you just post it to the court with a fee - again you can find out how much from the court website). If they don't pay after 14 days you can enter judgement and they're likely to pay then as otherwise they'll have a v. bad credit rating.

Flibbertyjibbet Tue 02-Jun-09 22:58:29

Yes you should chase the money, if its in your contract then they are in breach.

We use a nursery which takes 2 weeks deposit when the parents 'book' their child in, to reserve the place (ie I booked in may to start ds1 in Dec when I went back to work, and paid the 2 x 3days deposit money in May) and also because their notice period is 2 weeks. So if a parent takes a child out without notice the nursery already has the notice money.
Of if in your case only 1 weeks notice is given then the nursery would refund only one week of the deposit.
perhaps you could ask for deposit and write this into your contract to avoid this happening in future?

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