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Is a landlord legally responsible for TV aerial?

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porcupine11 Mon 01-Jun-09 09:40:35

Our new rented house has a TV aerial on the roof, but for some reason the wire that obviously used to connect it to the house has been cut, so the aerial points in the house do not work.

The landlord is completely avoiding the issue of getting it reconnected, telling us instead to get a cable or sky account like the previous tenants. We already own a digibox, and just want Freeview channels. We don't want to pay an additional monthly fee for TV.

Does anyone know if a landlord is legally obliged to connect the roof aerial? The house details from the letting agent did specify 'TV point' and there was nothing to indicate that the TV points did not work when we were viewing/signing contracts etc.


LIZS Mon 01-Jun-09 15:01:43

Technically it is the landlord's responsibility but he is not obliged to have it connected in the same way as other basic utilities. Your best bet is to push the misdescription with the agent but there is probably a caveat on the particulars to say nothing has been tested. Why not get a quote for reconnection and then argue it?

Manchestergal Sun 01-May-11 14:53:46

I moved into a flat that was fully furnished and the current owner had a sky box when he moved out he took his sky box with him and the tv wouldn't work so had to buy my own tv ariel even with the new tv ariel which i bought is still fuzzy and doesn't have a good picture. My landlord said there was nothing he could do. Any suggestions on what to do? Is it my landlords responsibility?

joskelly Fri 06-May-11 01:47:13

Check your tenancy agreement - the landlord has a general responsibility to keep the property weatherproof and ensure basic services are available (water, gas - where available and electric) There is no right enforceable in court to a TV aerial. The first place to check is the tenancy agrerement though

ivykaty44 Sat 07-May-11 22:35:32

I would have a word with the agent as it was rented with "TV point" so a mis-sold rental if the points have since been cut or where already cut - it should have said.

if you don't get any joy with the agent then give trade descriptions a ring before you actually do or agree to anything as they will tell you your rights.

sugarplumfairy Mon 20-Aug-12 16:14:31

Sorry to resurrect this thread, but need some advice.

I am a landlord, new tenant moved in on Saturday. Texted me last night to say the aerial wasn't working, I texted back to say I would have a look at it tonight, as I have already agreed to go round tonight as I was on holiday at the weekend.
I renovated the property so know where the booster box is and could check for anything obvious, ie it's not switched on. Have now had a text to say she has a man round this morning to put a new aerial up, and she will send me the bill. Surely she should have asked me first before getting someone in, am a bit taken aback. Also do I have to provide a working aerial, there is no mention in contract or inventory?

By the way I am an accidental landlord, ie couldn't sell the house.

Any advice please?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Mon 20-Aug-12 16:21:42

I'm not a legal person, but I don't think you're liable for the bill for the new ariel, the contract is between your tenant and the guy who did the work.

If there's nothing in your rental agreement re the ariel, I don't think you're liable there either.

Looks like you'll be giving notice soon, then.

sugarplumfairy Mon 20-Aug-12 16:34:10

That's what I thought, will meet with her tonight and see what happens. Got no idea how much she has been charged for this. This is only the second tenant, previous tenants always told us if there was anything wrong and would give me at least a day to have a look myself or contact relevant tradesperson. Always got any issues fixed as soon as possible, once got my Dad out of bed at 7am on a Sunday to sort a leak, as my plumber wasn't answering, funnily enough.

I think she should have given you a chance to use your own repair person/get a quote, and only proceeded with your agreement. Especially as it is not essential and could have safely waited for a few days. I would be thinking about maybe going halves on the bill as a goodwill gesture and pointing out any further issues are to be agreed by you.

Emergency plumber out for huge leak - fair enough if you couldn't fix it immediately. Aerial repair - not going to cause any harm if left for a while.

sugarplumfairy Mon 20-Aug-12 16:46:08

Thanks for your answers, she knew I was away till last night, and I had already agreed to meet her tonight to check things were ok, I did leave contact details incase of emergency, didn't think TV was one, and that I would have discussed the options tonight, may not even have needed new aerial. Her bloke may have just decided to put one up, as she must have said that the landlord is paying.
I left a nice bottle and card to welcome her to new home as well.

ReallyTired Mon 20-Aug-12 17:00:03

sugarplumfairy, your tenant has no right to "get someone in" and send you the bill without permission first. In your postion I would seriously consider not paying the bill.

I think you need to come down like a ton of bricks that you want to decide who works on your property. You need to be in control of what workmen work on your propety, otherwise you are not in control of the costs and the work might be sub standard.

Landlords have no obligation to provide a working TV ariel. Properties are never perfect. No one is ever going to die because the TV is not working. It does not make the property uninhabitable. Even if the propety is advised with TV points, the landlord does not have to fix the ariel instantly.

Your obligations are to provide a gas safety certificate, safe electrics, water, a working heating and hot water system and to deal with hazards are a general threat to safety. There is no obligation to provide the tenant with entertainment, unless you have it specifically in the contract.

As a landlord, I suggest setting aside a budget each year for things that are "nice" rather than essential. It does help landlord/ tenant relationships to do non essential repairs. However you need to be in control of the budget.

sugarplumfairy Mon 20-Aug-12 17:15:27

Thanks Really Tired, can't understand why she has done this, thought I would have a chance to get someone to sort it, though it's not even my responsibility. I am worried that the man may have done some damage to the roof, and how much he will have charged.
Don't want to start things off on the wrong foot though, by refusing to pay, but she may do it again.
The whole house was renovated just over 2 years ago, everything is fairly as new, so am surprised that I needed a new aerial anyway?! And I mean everything, was fully rewired, replumbed, new windows, insulation , fully replastered, etc and have all relevant certificates.
Not looking forward to meeting, I was going to discuss other improvements, such as a built in cupboard in the downstairs loo for more storage, that we are thinking of doing.

HillyBilly56 Tue 14-Jan-14 16:03:56

My sky cable which is on the outside of my rented property, has been slashed twice by hooligans. The landlord paid for it to be repaired the first time, but is now refusing. His agents are refusing to pay on his behalf, and they say the maintenance company will not pay, although originally the agents said they had nothing to do with sky, and it was the responsibility of the maintenance company. Surely as it was there when we moved in and is on the exterior of the house, it is the landlord's (or his agent's) responsibility as part of the "building" and not the contents. Can anyone please advise?

Emmam202 Tue 14-Jan-14 18:26:15

I would imagine that because it is your choice to have Sky TV then it is your responsibility to maintain it. The landlord was very generous to pay to repair it the first time I think.

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