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Court papers not arrived

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somuchstress Mon 01-Jun-09 02:37:44

Hi all,
I received a letter from CAFCASS 3 weeks ago to say that my children were the subject of a hearing in mid June but still haven't had the papers served on me and I was wondering if anyone knows of the timescale involved with this I.E do they have to have arrived before a certain date for the hearing to go ahead or will it not matter how late I receive them?

mumblechum Mon 01-Jun-09 23:07:56

I'd ask cafcass for details of the court, ie which court the hearing will be held at, and crucially, the case(matter) number.

then go to, go to the bit about finding a court, and get the court's phone number.

Phone the court, quote the matter number and ask the clerk what's going on, ie when exactly the hearing is and ask them to post a copy of the application to you immediately.

You are supposed to have been served by your opponent several weeks before the hearing - perhaps they don't have your address.

If you need any more info, post again. I'm a family lawyer and will be around for a few hours on Tues if you need any further guidance.

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