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I want to make some extra money

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mummytopebs Fri 15-May-09 10:49:34

Anyone any ideas, i want to really concentrate on paying off debt - Anyone got any ideas on how to make a couple of extra pounds? Was thinking about trying to make cards and selling them or something like that, can you make quite a bit by this? Or any other suggestions

blondissimo Fri 15-May-09 11:20:54

Hi I am in the same boat and have recently been selling lots of things on ebay. Not sure if you've tried it or not, but a couple of years ago I made about £1000 in a few months! And it was all stuff lying about my house that I didn't use. I find that well cared for clothes, baby stuff and jewellery all sell well. Just don't make the mistake that I do and spend just as much as you earn on there!!!

MsMaggieBeauregarde Fri 15-May-09 11:23:29

Take in a foreign student............?

mumblechum Fri 15-May-09 11:25:20

Second job, maybe? What do you do at the moment, and can you increase your hours?

I once took on a second job as had run up £3k worth of debt. Managed to clear it off over 3 months working weekends and evenings.

I don't think card making is going to bring in more than pennies unless you do it on a seriously large scale, talk to buyers in shops etc.

mummytopebs Fri 15-May-09 23:21:13

Have had some of my dd old clothes on ebay all really nice stuff but it doesnt seem to sell to well, i dont know why!!

I do 3 days at work and dont really want to do overtime cos i would have to pay more nursry fees. What was osbourne books someone had mentioned on another thread?

EldonAve Fri 15-May-09 23:25:47

this is the thread you need - sell old shoes on ebay

blondissimo Sat 16-May-09 11:29:32

Ha grin at the shoes link. A friend of a friend used to buy really cheap thongs from Primark then take a picture of herself wearing them, post it on ebay and sold them for about a tenner each! Something tells me it was not women looking for some new underwear...........

Marne Sat 16-May-09 11:20:19

I sell on e-bay, just remember if you are buying/making to sell you need to register yourself as a business and pay Tax which is a lot of hassle (filling out tax returns etc..).

I tried card making a few years ago and didn't make anything (more a hobby really).

I like blondissimo's idea grin.

I sell mainly childrens clothes and adults clothes but have only been doing it for a few weeks so not sure how much i am making yet hmm.

inscotland Sat 16-May-09 14:22:17

You could try Phoenix Cards? I have a friend who does this and I am sure she does quite well from it. I have another friend who makes cards but struggles.


Are you a good cook? You could host Pampered Chef parties?

Vie? (Was virgin vie but has been sold)

Foreign Students?

MsMaggieBeauregarde Sat 16-May-09 14:45:00

They're nice those phoenix cards and they're cheaper than cards from the shop so you're not trying to sell something that's MORE than the alternative.

vitality Thu 18-Jun-09 21:05:13

Hi Mummytopebs,
I'm a Phoenix trader so if you have any questions, please let me know. Here's some more info.

I really like it and it's a fun way to earn some income and fit it around your own hours.

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