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CSA...advice needed

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odearyme Tue 28-Apr-09 14:33:21

Basically, the CSA have taken a year so far to process my case with my ex. I have rang every week for the last six months and no one seems to know ho I am/what is happening etc.
Is there anything I can do about this, anyone to complain to or anything?

odearyme Tue 28-Apr-09 15:57:45


Stretch Tue 28-Apr-09 16:05:35

Ring your local mp. I did this and we had a letter about a week later from csa stating that they are 'reviewing' it and a week after that had a letter confirming. Different issue than you have, but they still got their act together when contacted by mp.


odearyme Tue 28-Apr-09 16:08:52

Was your local mp happy to get involved?

Stretch Tue 28-Apr-09 16:13:58

Yep. I just rang and explained the issue and the assissant (?) wrote back confirming the details and promised to look into it, which he did.

Well worth a try.

I had someone high up in CSA ring me to go through details too. Speeded it all up. Can't guarantee that they will get you any money, but they will at least make CSA review your case and keep you informed of the progress they are making.

Stretch Tue 28-Apr-09 16:14:51

I think it's common for people to get in touch with MPs with regards to CSA. They told me they deal with a lot of CSA complaints!

sian1234 Wed 17-Jun-09 17:33:28

i have had the same problem, however they now know who i am! you will find that you will loose all the money you should have had over the past yr as they can not collect payments from absent parents from the time before they were contacted, i have lost 20 months of payments and was offered £25 compensation by the csa for their mistake!! i wrote a letter of complaint and they are now moving my case forward, but another 2 errors have occured since then and i still have not had a penny. keep at it i am and have also arranged to see my local MP. and threatened csa with exposing this whole mess to the media. reasearch the net and you wil find thousands of stories simular to mine and yours!!

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