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Where do you send complaints to?

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mummy2b Wed 27-Apr-05 14:05:43

I have been having nothing but problems with the stupid IR since June 2004 with my claim, it all started when i started paying a registered child carer and they put on the system that i no longer was the main carer for my child and stopped all of my payments.
I phoned them to try and sort it out and was told that they would be updating my details and sorting the problem out for me (also told that i could be waiting for a maximum of 3 weeks before i heard anything from them!), well they updating with all correct information, repeated it all back to me and still the problem was not sorted by the time i was told it would be sorted. So i made God knows how many phone calls speaking to a different person each time, trying to sort out the payments, (by now i was struggling for money and was over drawn each month), and was adviced to visit local IR centre. Did this in september, received some hardship payments to help pay towards my child carer, and also speak to someone about my situation to try and get it sorted. Well that went on until January, when i was told that the IR centre was being closed and moved but they didn't know where it was being moved to! Also to top things of they have tried to make 2 large payments on 2 seperate occassions into my bank account and they have both failed and the payments have been recalled, i phoned them to tell them and they have forwarded the problem to the research team who are suppose to be sorting it for me. So now its a new tax year and i received and leaflet from them telling me that i have been paid to much for the previous year for WFTC and CTC when i only received 2 payments in the whole year (but thats not including my hardship payments though!), and i know for sure that they have not paid me the amount that i was entitled to. I am getting extremely p*ssed off with them and want it sorted and have looked on the website about how to complain but i dont actually know where i am suppose to send it!
I would be greatful if any one copuld let me know where i should send my complaint about there f*cked up system and try and get things sorted once and for all (to make things even worst is i am expecting another baby any day now and will have to inform them of the new arrival to try and claim for my two children which is gonna mess me up even more because someone didn't do there job properly when i informed them of my change in circumstances).

I am sooooo sorry to go on and on but i feel a bit better now.

Hopefully someone will be able to tell me where i can send my complain to coz i aint got a clue what to do anymore.

Hope you can help me

From an extremely*desperate mummy2b

By the way, i live in london, dont know if it makes a difference where you live?

expatinscotland Wed 27-Apr-05 14:12:47

sorry, mum. just wanted to say you're not alone.

wish it made a difference where you live, b/c money goes further in some places than others. . but then again, wages might not be as high. dunno.

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