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Can anyone please help?

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juniorandjackie Mon 25-Apr-05 17:27:42

My ex partner has walked out on me leaving me 27 weeks pregant, we wasnt married and lived in rented accomodation. He told me to leave the accomodation so im now living with my parents. Apart from csa money when the baby is born, is there anything else i can get from him? Am i entitled to half of what he has? (he is currently in the middle of a divorce with his ex wife who is wanting half from him to). Please help. i dont know where i stand.

kid Mon 25-Apr-05 17:38:14

I don't think you are entitled to anything from him for yourself but he would have to give you something for your baby. Why did you have to leave the accomodation, is he still living there?

Why don't you phone CAB or make an appointment to go and see them. They will be able to advise you and may be able to help you get your own place.

Sounds like a terrible time you are having.

juniorandjackie Mon 25-Apr-05 17:48:12

I left the accomodation because its up in Leicestershire, all my family and friends are in London. The only reason i lived in Leicestershire was for him. i couldnt cope up there on my own, not knowing anybody with a baby. Do you know if i will be entitled to a place down here in London as i walked away from accomodation? i had to leave my job up there to but on Maternity Leave.

kid Mon 25-Apr-05 19:42:34

You can apply to the council for housing, you didn't really make yourself intentially homeless. You can let them know you are living with your parents but they are only allowing you to stay there for a short time.

Your parents may have to write a letter to confirm that, even if its not true
You may be put in temporary accomodation, but at least you will have your own place to live.

juniorandjackie Mon 25-Apr-05 22:00:14

could i be put into a hostel do you think? i really dont want that at all. Is there nay other way than a hostel?

kid Tue 26-Apr-05 07:36:50

When I told the council I was being made homeless (in-laws asking me and newborn babay to leave) we were offered a hostel, I refused and told them I would rather sleep on someones floor until they found me somewhere.

I pretended to be living with my sister and her family (7 of us in a 1 bed flat), they left us there for 2 months but we did get a permannet 2 bed flat.

Is there enough space for you and the baby at your parents?

fairyfly Tue 26-Apr-05 07:39:54

It depends on how much he earns. If he is on a low income you are entitled to income support, housing benefit etc. if you dont want to leave your rented accomodation apply for housing benefit to pay for it. Would that work?

juniorandjackie Tue 26-Apr-05 11:26:00

My parents house is a 3 bedroom house with 5 people living in it, im currently staying in one of my brother rooms and my brother is sleeping on the floor. Can i pretend other people are living in the house to? i have to name everybody who lives in the house, can they find out if people are really living there or not?

juniorandjackie Tue 26-Apr-05 11:29:19

Hi fairyfly, i have already left the rented accomodation its 100 miles away from my family i didnt want to stay there because i would of been there on my own bringing up the baby and i couldnt afford it anyway on my own. But im worried that because i walked away from the house they wont re-home me. What do you think?

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