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peckarollover Mon 25-Apr-05 17:11:29

This is help for my sister again

She had a secured loan on her house, she has since sold her house but it seems the secured loan didnt come up in the legal stuff

so, in effect the company she has the loan with are threatening to repossess but she doesnt in fact own the house anymore

Milliways Mon 25-Apr-05 17:46:54

Surely it is up to the loan company to ensure the charge was registered at Land Registry.

The purchasers of the new house should ensure their sols did the correct searches etc, but if house sale is completed then they will have title and not the loan company.

IMO your sister IS still liable for any debt she has taken on & not repaid - they make seek a charging order on her new house? Would suggest she & new owners of house seek urgent legal advice.

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