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any help or advice please .....

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karenanne Tue 19-Apr-05 10:06:18

i could do with any advice or help anyone can suggest as its getting to the stage i dont know where to turn....

my partner of 9 yers and i split up in september of last 2 kids and i moved back to my parents.ex put his property up for sale in november last year as he couldnt afford to keep it on his own.both our names were on the council tax but i always dealt with it and unfortunatley we were slightly in arrears with it.when we split he said he would deal with having my name removed as he would then be eligible for the reduced rate.

the flat had an offer in on it and the contracts have supposed to been exchanged at various stages over the past few weeks.this has taken along time and the lady buying it has mucked him about endlessly.thing is ex hasnt paid the mortgage and if contracts arent exchanged by tomorrow the mortgage comp will take the flat.

this harsh to say im not to bothered about but hes had baliff letters sent for the council tax which have been in my name only.i have been in contact with the baliff who up till now has been very understanding and has waited till completion to get the money.thing is with repossession now looking likely im scared where i on benefits and do not have the money to pay the bill,and when ive spoken to him efore and explained the flat isnt mine he says its my name on the bill .

ive got to ring him by the end of the week and proberly going to have to tell him it cant be paid after all.the only thought ive got in my head is of going to prison for not paying.

he also has my parents address ,am i right in thinking that he cannot take my parents stuff in payment.

any advice will really be greatfully received if you managed to get this far.


expatinscotland Tue 19-Apr-05 10:22:34

the bill is in your name. you are therefore legally responsible for it. if you are benefits, the council can and will take funds from your benefit monies to pay it. if the bailiffs come to your house they will make a list of goods they can and will seize for auction if the debt is not resolved. you may have lost the legal right to pay by installments b/c the debt was not at all satisfied w/i a given period.

first, phone the council and see if you can come to arrangement. even a fiver a week. if they have already passed the entire collection onto the bailiffs you'll have to see if you can make a deal w/them.

expatinscotland Tue 19-Apr-05 10:34:22

oh, sorry, in answer to your second question: no, they can't go after your parents. it's not their debt.

hope you get it sorted soon. we had to whack £700 on a credit card due to back council tax.

karenanne Tue 19-Apr-05 10:46:00

thanks ..will have to speak to him and see if i can arange something.hopefully if the flat is repossessed then any equity left over will help to pay this off,so hopefully myself and ex can make an arrangement to pay it till then.

ex is not much help though as he just burys his head in the sand.i am determined though that he will help pay this though.otherwise its going to come out of my benefit money.
thanks again.

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