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Urgent - Anyone broken a child access order?

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Somanykiddies Sat 16-Apr-05 13:04:03

Just been stuffed in court regarding access. Ex lied through his back teeth to ensure he got certain access, although he has extremely regular access since split. DD (9) is distraught as she was hcoping well with the current arrangement but is now being forced to do something she is clearly not happy with. She has broken down today and told me that she doesn't want to see him next week although the court order states that she has to! What can I do?

Frizbe Sat 16-Apr-05 13:47:19

oh sorry to hear this situation is not what your dd want, especially as I thought the courts are supposed to take that into consideration also.....not much help here but bump!

Mummyloves Sun 08-May-05 01:30:27


I'm going through the same thing whereby DS aged 4 doesn't want to see his dad. According to the courts so far, and solicitors, don't worry. They can't force her to go to him. The court order says you make her available to him. No one,not even the courts can make her go. According to my solicitor, that's where it ends. They can make any order they like, but you can't force a child as long as you make them available for contact. It's not like in America with Kramer V Kramer which was my fear.

debs26 Sun 08-May-05 08:13:44

i am considering stopping contact due to emotional abuse. mummyloves, what do you do if x just picks up child? if they are available cant he just carry her away? i have been told by solicitor that i can stop contact in extreme circumstances as long as i then apply to court for an emergency injunction (asap, not a few days later). this technically would leave me in comntempt of court but i was told i would not be criticised for this if concerns were genuine.

Mud Sun 08-May-05 08:52:19

but kids sometimes make a fuss when actually once they're there they settle very quickly, is it possible that might happen? unless there's some kind of situation going on that I don't know about, like he's not a good parent then I think you should go with the court order and be as supportive as possible. Maybe she's picking up on your tensions with your ex and feels she should act like she doesn't want to go to make you happy. emotional abvuse is nothing to be talked about lightly it is a serious form of abuse and unless he really is abusing her I think you should be talking to her about how much fun she'll have and reinforcing the positives even though it isn't what you want

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