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financial issues divorce-no kids

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miggy Fri 15-Apr-05 15:04:57

Sadly my db and his wife are seperating. They have been married for 10 years but have no children. They have always had very seperate finances, for example my db pays the mortgage, she bought food/furniture etc. Her plan is that she takes all of the things she has bought (furniture etc) and has half the value of the house with DB buying her out. They both work and earn about equal amounts, she has some money of her own, as an investment that DB has never had access to or benefit from. Slight complication is that we lent him £25,000 about 3 yrs ago when his company went belly up-to avoid him becoming bankrupt (she wouldnt let him extend mortgage or access her savings at that point), this was open ended as in repay it when you can but a loan not a handout.
DB is inclined to just let her take what she wants from the house and pay her half market value too, I feel he should get legal advice as this doesnt seem very fair to me really. I feel that she ought at least be liable for half the 25,000 and that should come off the value of her half of the house (not trying to get the money back from db, just reduce the amount he has to remortgage).
Is it worth getting professional advice even with no children or will it just make things more acrimonious?

megandsoph Fri 15-Apr-05 22:19:27

I think as i'm going through this at the mo that ur DB could possibly be entitled to some of his wifes "extra invested money" as this would be classed as an asset. but not completley sure.

Bumping this up for you

miggy Fri 15-Apr-05 22:23:43

Thanks-was almost missing wig and robe then
Sorry to hear you are going through this.
I dont think DB would want to take her invested money-hes such a dope with her that he would give her anything. I just dont want to see him destitute and if she was at least liable for half our loan, that could come off her half of the house and we could loan it back to him.
Might spice this up by adding that she is a miserable trollop that I have disliked for 12 years and who scowls if my children pass within 5 yards.

megandsoph Fri 15-Apr-05 22:35:58

He sounds very much as I used to be about Exh about just letting him have what he wants ( and we do have kids) I was like that as I was worried about his bully solisitors. but ur DB should definetly try get what he can and yes the debt has been made whilst married so yes she should I assume be half responsible for the debt. But again don't take what i'm saying as gospel as I ai'nt know legal person lol

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