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What haapens to owed maintenance if made redundant

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TwinSetAndPearls Tue 12-Apr-05 22:30:07

My ex has not paid maintenance for three months. he phoned earlier and said that the family business has gone into administration. They have laid off three hundred and he doesn't know if he will be next.

Will I just loose the maintenance he owes me, the CSA are trying to deduct it from his earnings due to past non payments - but obviously if he has no job they can't do this.

If he has to go onto benefit will I just get a nominal payment. if anything?

joash Tue 12-Apr-05 22:48:05

Probably not any good to you at the moment, but I remember my mother being awarded 'big' maintenance from one of her husbands. He lost his business soon after and didn't work for years. When he'd finally sorted himself out, he was grabbed and made to pay every penny that he owed ...lots of rather large checks for little brother throughout his teenage years.

I think the system still works the same way, if he doesn't pay, he can be made to pay everything he owes in years to come (unless, of course, he applies to have the amount reduced).

TwinSetAndPearls Tue 12-Apr-05 23:32:04

Thanks, I would imagine that he will apply to have the amount reduced, although he still owes me three months at the present rate.

I have heard somewhere ( but don't know! so I may be talking tosh) that he will end paying £10 if he looses his job and ends up on income support.

More seriously he has been delaying our financial settlement for years and now it is all in limbo as he can't afford to pay his very expensive solicitor that he hired to screw me.

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