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Agency work and childcare element of WFTC

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StudentMadwife Fri 20-Feb-09 00:10:56

anyone here work with an agency and qualify or sometimes qualify for help with childcare costs?

how do you work it? my hrs range from 0-27 a week and currently are not consistant, some weeks I will be eligable for help, other weeks where i dont get as many hours i wont be eligable. were paying £180 pm after lea fudning for 2 children.

how do others do it? do you ring TC's weekly?? Im scared Ill get to april and have under estimated earnings/received help for weeks im not eligable....
ahhh tax creds, sometimes i think theyre more trouble than there worth! wish i could live without em!

sb6699 Fri 20-Feb-09 13:47:44

When were in this situation (dh used to do agency work) we were told that if we wanted to make sure we didn't overestimate and end up having to make repayments the following year we should phone weekly.

What a PITA!

Sorry can't be more helpful this obviously wasn't the response you were hoping for.

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