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Banner ad on MN homepage about part time working from home - anyone responded?

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lisalisa Tue 12-Apr-05 15:00:15

Message withdrawn

moschops Tue 12-Apr-05 16:11:56

i was wondering too as i will be in a similar situation and have been looking into possibilities for working from home......

SoupDragon Tue 12-Apr-05 16:25:14

I can't see the banner, but a lot get stopped by my Internet Security software.

If you want to query its authenticity or say that you think it's inappropriate, you're best off emailling

Twiglett Tue 12-Apr-05 16:26:36

Banner advertising doesn't tend to be vetted by the site though, its paid for space and is probably from an ad server. I wouldn't take anything as being approved / recommended by any site unless they particularly say so.

SoupDragon Tue 12-Apr-05 16:27:29

They are kind of vetted though, Twiglett. I don't think they accept advertising from everyone that comes along.

lisalisa Tue 12-Apr-05 16:27:58

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Tue 12-Apr-05 16:28:33

Not completely sure how it works - do they really just come through willy nilly from an ad server?

Twiglett Tue 12-Apr-05 16:30:03

I think the vetting is most likely a bit loose, as in they'll put forward a list of products that are unacceptable to the ad server

I could be totally wrong - will be interested to hear from triumvarate

lisalisa Thu 14-Apr-05 13:24:16

Message withdrawn

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