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Child trust fund, where is the best place to put your childs money?

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marne Sun 10-Apr-05 19:19:09

Really confussed about where to put my dd's child trust fund voucher, there is so many different banks, building societys and supermarkets that are offering different accounts. Which one do i choose? Where are you putting the money? any advice please!

Xzebra Sun 10-Apr-05 19:25:37

there are some other threads on this, if you can look in this topic...

We decided on the ethical one offered by CIS... because it seems to be the only one with ethical criteria for the investment (FTSE100-Good). It probably won't make as much money as the non-ethical funds, but I reckoned with free money we could take that risk.

Harder part for me was to figure out how to make it fair to my older children who don't qualify for CTF...We're keeping cash accounts for them (that we already had). We'll make up the difference to whichever child (the youngest with CTF or the older ones with only cash deposit accounts) has less at 18.

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