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warranties - do they still stand when a shop has gone into admin and then is bought?

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CoffeeCrazedMama Mon 09-Feb-09 11:56:21

We took delivery of a Sofa Workshop sofa bed in September. Dh heard a 'crack' from it Christmas day and noticed the bed frame had detached from the frame (we are a slim family by the way!). No way this should happen - only been used about 3 times when dd has had a friend to stay.

Rang Sofa Workshop to report, they said someone would get back to me, which didn't happen. Rang again today after politely waiting several weeks to be told they had gone into adminisitration a few weeks ago and have now been bought out. Guy I spoke to couldn't say if the warranty was still good (for a 5 month old sofa!) and, yes, would 'have to get back to me'.

Does any one know where I stand? Dh kept saying we should have just gone to Ikea (wouldn't have had to wait months for delivery then, loads cheaper and not in receivership) sad

MrsFogi Mon 09-Feb-09 11:58:25

If you bought on your credit card you could do a section 75 claim from them perhaps - see moneysavingexpert webpage for details (I did this with our sofa from Ilva which had a defect).

RubyRioja Mon 09-Feb-09 11:59:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CoffeeCrazedMama Mon 09-Feb-09 12:07:45

Thanks for your wonderfully quick responses. Have just spoken to sales chap again who says they used to have a contract with an outside company to do all repairs but at the moment this is no longer in place and they are looking for someone else. Allegedly will get back to me in a week or so when this has been sorted out. hmm

I will keep hounding them and then take recourse to MrsFogi's excellent suggestion re credit card company. Have checked the contract and everything seems to be in Sofa Workshop's name, no insurance company. Never thought I would need to be trawling the fine print.

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