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DNA Testing for a 13 yr old that may not be my husbands

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Hawaiiangal Sat 09-Apr-05 17:08:38

Is there a way to have a legal DNA test done on a child my husband is paying child support for. He agreed to take on this responsibility without having a DNA just some one night stand saying you are the father. Together they did have a child and the child does not look anything like his sibling. Not for legal or monetary changes, can we just request the courts to do this for piece of mind?

triceratops Sat 09-Apr-05 18:12:52

The child would have to know this was being done and consent to it. Have you thought how much this might upset him? 13 is such a vulnarable age. If it is just for your peace of mind could you not wait until he is 18?

Hawaiiangal Mon 11-Apr-05 05:23:00

Thanks for the great advice triceratops. I guess this does sound okay. I now have bigger problems if you want to read on under relationships.

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