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Tax Credits - Been paying back overpayment (their error) for over a year with another one to go! Ive appealing but no luck - any other suggestions?

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Ilovecurry Fri 23-Jan-09 13:40:54

that's it really, Im fed up and coudl do with something - Ive still got another year to pay back what they over paid me before I will get anything.

I appealed but they said sorry bit still got to pay back.

Anything else I could do?

mamas12 Fri 23-Jan-09 14:19:02

Go to CAB they were great with me and I then became part of their social report on the ineffectual dealings of their offices to us the general public.

Ilovecurry Fri 23-Jan-09 15:22:02

in what way were they great - Im sure they cant overturn what the TC people say surely?

BonnieJoon Fri 23-Jan-09 15:23:56

Have they admitted it was their fault?

A colleague had to request a SAR (Subject access report) to prove that they had received their update in circumstances.

fairy15 Sat 24-Jan-09 13:46:22

i got a letter the other day saying that i was over payed in 2007! i am filling in an appeal form but don't expect it to get me anywhere. it really annoys me how its their fault & yet we have to suffer! i am a newly single parent so am worrying how this is going to affect me.

mamas12 Sat 24-Jan-09 15:29:07

They were great because even though I was informed I had over paid and had tried to deal with it myself for months it was wrong. CAB have a sort of direct line whereby tc can see who is calling and therefore can speak to someone quite high up and as soon as they looked at my case again she saw instantly that it was a mistake and didn't have to pay anything back. One phone call for me and a followup with CAB to check my money was coming through and hopefully (knock wood) so far so good. Though I did have to ring and check twice when I started my parttime job as the payments increased and I couldn't believe it but yep you get more money if you work partime, go figure.

electra Sat 24-Jan-09 15:33:01

I think there are new rules now, so that if you receive a higher rate than the basic family element (like if you are a lone parent) - if they overpay you, they have to take it back gradually and cannot just stop your payments until it is paid back.

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