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I've really messed up haven't I? Cancelled insurance dd but forgot to send letters

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Pawslikepaddington Mon 19-Jan-09 23:02:21

Cancelled home insurance direct debit and life insurance direct debit when I moved house in October. Have kept forgetting to go to the post office to do a mail redirection as it wouldn't let me do it online, and have just found my letters of cancellation that I was going to send to the insurers-what will have happened? Can I ever get insurance again? It always asks if your insurance has ever been cancelled or voided when you get insurance, and I need to re-insure the car next month. Is it as bad as a CCJ?

scrooged Mon 19-Jan-09 23:04:11

I don't think so. Just phone them up. It's not the same as being cancelled because the policy holder has been up to mischief, these things happen, they know that. I've done the same thing and I have insurance now. smile

Pawslikepaddington Mon 19-Jan-09 23:07:25

Thank god. I've never made a claim on a policy before or anything like that, I didn't even think it could be because of mischief grin. I have so many policies as I rent a house, and also own a house I rent out, and have policies covering appliances in rented out house etc that I totally lost what was what! Thanks scrooged-I might be able to sleep tonight now! grin

scrooged Mon 19-Jan-09 23:14:42


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