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anyone claimed endownment misselling?

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TracyK Sun 03-Apr-05 15:20:04

My friend says the deadline is looming - can anyone claim or do you have to prove it was missold?

justmummy Fri 08-Apr-05 15:39:30

Hi, not sure about a deadline date but i've recently claimed for mis-selling of an endowment. Was surprised how easy it was, would have done it ages ago if i'd known.
I found an excellant letter to help you claim on the 'Which' website.
It lays down all of the points which might apply to why you think the product was not right for you. You select the ones that want and can then download and print the letter.
I've had a reply that they uphold my complaint and will contact me soon with a figure of compensation.
So waiting everyday for post to arrive!

Marina Fri 08-Apr-05 15:44:36

Have you heard from the policy provider lately TracyK?
We didn't feel we had a proven case of misselling and were absolutely gobsmacked to hear the other week that the policy (a weedy one from an underperforming provider at the best of times ) is actually now back on course to pay out in full. This after five years of getting increasingly alarming bulletins from them saying it might only be worth 5p...

elliedragon Fri 08-Apr-05 16:21:58

How do you go about finding whether you have a claim or not. Is there a website?

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