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how do you register as a limited company?

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evaangel Sun 18-Jan-09 21:17:56

please could someone tell me?

ChasingSquirrels Sun 18-Jan-09 21:18:52

easiest way is to use an agent to set up a company. The people we use at work (I think they are efaze) charge around £30.

catMandu Sun 18-Jan-09 21:19:32

I had one years ago, my accountant sorted it all out for me. I seem to remember that he bought an 'off the shelf' company and then you change it's name, directors etc.

ChasingSquirrels Sun 18-Jan-09 21:19:41

efaze, haven't looked at the site but says from £14.95 at the top.

hotpotmama Sun 18-Jan-09 21:21:50

we used a company registration agent when we set up ours a few years ago.

ChasingSquirrels Sun 18-Jan-09 21:21:56

you don't need to do "off the shelf" now as you can incorporate a new one online almost immediately. Used to take longer, hence why you used to buy off the shelf ones.

What do you want it for, do you have an accountant - they will help.

Roskva Sun 18-Jan-09 21:22:45

You can get the forms from Companies House and do it yourself paying the relevant fee, which is the cheapest option (I think all the forms are available online to download), or you can buy a so-called 'shelf' company from a company registration agent who will register a change of name to the name you want and register the change the shareholders and directors for you (costs around £100), or you can get a company registration agent to register a bespoke company for you (most expensive option).

You can find company registration agents by doing a google search.

ChasingSquirrels Sun 18-Jan-09 21:25:39

Companies House fees are £20
efaze is £30, you do it online.
I don't know who they are but have been using them at work (am an accountant and incorporate new companies for clients - we use the agent to save us filling everything in and it gives you all the paperwork) for at least a couple of years.

ChasingSquirrels Sun 18-Jan-09 21:26:20

Companies House and details of how to incorporate.

evaangel Sun 18-Jan-09 21:28:56

i want to set up an online ordering website selling gifts.What are the benifits of becoming a Ltd company from a business point of view?

ChasingSquirrels Sun 18-Jan-09 21:33:14

the main benefit, as the name suggests, is that it is limited liability - ie if it all goes pear shaped then the creditors can'r (in most cases) pursue you.
This isn't as good as it sounds as any creditor with any sense (banks etc) will insist on personal guarantees if the company doesn't have it's own assets.
Other potential benefit is tax, depends on the profits.
You should talk to an accountant, they will give you set up advice - which is the best way, and can advise on what records to keep to make end of year accounts easier. Plus other things.

evaangel Sun 18-Jan-09 21:37:48

thanks chasing squirrals
I am meeting with accountant tommorow evening, well actually he is dh's accountant.
thanks everyone for your replies
i will let you know how it goes

ChasingSquirrels Sun 18-Jan-09 21:38:51

good luck with it all

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