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Tax Return/bank statements help

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LucyEllensmummy Sat 17-Jan-09 11:44:05

OK - so i am trying to put together my DPs accounts for 07/08 and its a bit of a disaster. I was pretty much out of it for that time with depression and anxiety, but i feel much better now - thankfully. But of course the records are pretty much non existent.

DP paid his "friend" to work for him on a subcontractor basis so thats a cock up anyway, but I/we didn't keep a record of what he was being paid, apart from the fact that he was paid £600 a week, cash, which DP would draw out of the bank for him. So, i thought, OK we can look back over the bank statements and see what was paid out but heres the thing - i have turned this house upside down and inside out and i can't find the bank statements.

The bank account these were from is closed now, but we still bank with that bank - will they be able to provide us with copies? Sharpish like?

I feel so ashamed of myself actually - i shoiuld have been on top of this but i was quite ill and DP was under so much pressure - i am worried i simply threw away the statements as i would often just bin bills that came through the door out of some sort of fear (we have some pretty serious debt problems).

I want to turn things around for DP, do things properly now - but of course, until i can undo this mess that i have made for him, its pretty hopeless...........


LIZS Sat 17-Jan-09 12:45:36

I'm sure you can get back copies of statements eseiclaly since it isn't long ago, they may charge if it is a lot though. Is his "friend" likely to have declared it and have records?

Ivykaty44 Sat 17-Jan-09 12:49:49

Yes - the bank have to keep records for so many years (I think 7, but not sure) so you can go and order the bank statements you require.

You may have to pay a fee for the production of the bank statements.

Also tell them it is not to claim back money from over draft fees - as they do delay the statements/ have a back log and if you ask nicely that you need them by the end of the month for legal reasons they should help wink

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