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CSA! I need help to get maintanance for my daughter!

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wendy33 Thu 31-Mar-05 22:36:39

Anyone had dealings with the CSA?
I have been split up from my ex husband for 3 years now and he is still not paying any maintanance. I stupidly contacted the CSA to get them to help me. They have made things worse. Has anyone got any idea how I can kick the CSA up the arse to get this moving and to claim what my daughter is entitled to?
Any suggestions would be graet as I feel I have a massive bruise on my forehead! (from banging it against a brick wall!!)

butty Thu 31-Mar-05 23:02:30

yes, if your ex partner is working and you know where he is working, then tell the CSA and tell them you are not happy with 3 years arrears and that you want them to arrange an attatchment of earnings or you will go higher than them: like the courts to tell them of their apparant iggnorance. Its just worked with me and my girls dad after 3 years of being fobbed off by both father and CSA.
As a government bodie they have the right to go straight to your ex's employer.

butty Thu 31-Mar-05 23:06:31

PS: you can also see a family lawyer who can arrange a legally binding contract between you and the ex and he/she can also set a court date for non payment of which will then come down to the discresion of the judge and they dont take likely to people who do not keep arranged payments up ie; fines, imprisonment......... catch my drift.!!?

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