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thinking of switching to edf energy - any reports? pitfalls?

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elliott Mon 05-Jan-09 21:48:57

I have never changed utility suppliers and tbh after looking at the switching sites I'm not bowled over by the savings - british gas offering a derisory £14 per year dual fuel discount for example!
Anyway we are recommended edf and I wondered whether they were rated or not for customer service - and is there anything to watch out for, like getting locked into a contract?
One reason savings are disappointing is that I insist on paper bills and quarterly bills - I don't like monthly direct debit as I would rather just pay for what I have used.

MrsMuddle Mon 05-Jan-09 22:44:52

I was with edf, then changed to Scottish Gas and it was such a nightmare I quickly changed back.

I've never had a problem with edf, and when I've had to phone, the people have been efficient and pleasant.

I think the minimum contract for all companies is 28 days, by law.

And you get Nectar points with edf too.

WriggleJiggle Mon 05-Jan-09 22:55:13

EDF were awfull. It took at least a dozen phonecalls and 4 letters to get them to stop sending me threatening (and incorrect) bills. I resorted to sending the appropriate evidence in triplicate by recorded delivery. It took over a year to sort the problem out. Never, never again.

UnfortunatelyMe Mon 05-Jan-09 22:59:04

I am with edf, on prepayment. When I lost my electric key I rang up at 9.10 and the bloke sorted it out there and then on the phone, and arranged for me to pick up a new key from a shop down the road for 10 oclock, I just needed to give them a password.
Perfect service.

notcitrus Tue 06-Jan-09 18:14:06

They've been competent with me, although I've just switched to E-on for both gas and leccy with some big introductory discount - I get to pay quarterly but bills are online (used

I don't trust any of them with direct debit. Although ended up with a year free gas once after Npower told us actually they hadn't been supplying us after all and wouldn't take our money - London Electric tried to get me to pay but I pointed out I had no contract with them!

pleasechange Tue 06-Jan-09 18:15:58

I never had a problem with them as such, but they were v hard to reach on the phone.

Also my dd payments went up and down drastically, eg. paying £75pm for a few months, then reduced to £12pm for a while, which seemed ridiculous

pagwatch Tue 06-Jan-09 18:21:50

well - my £3,500 gas bill from early Novemeber that they have still failed to sort out wouldn't cause me to recommend them

elliott Tue 06-Jan-09 20:12:51

hmmm. Is it worth the hassle I wonder?
They do seem to get better ratings than BG so maybe they are just ALL shite...

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