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How sad & potentially devestating for some people

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KatyMac Fri 26-Dec-08 18:58:36

My DH gets a pension - a private one paid every 4 weeks. It was due on 25th Dec.

It hasn't arrived.

Now DH & I are able to borrow money from my parents to last but lots of people won't be able to

I thought it was a bit mean & that they should at least pay it a bit early (or by BACS) because lots of people will be waiting for it & it may have spoilt their Christmas

Mumto2littleangels Fri 26-Dec-08 19:34:53

Hmmmm, not very nice for people that rely on it. Its good to hear you were able to borrow what you needed.

Child benefit etc.. is paid early if it falls over the Xmas period.

My dh also got his wages early as it wasn't possible to do over Xmas and not fair to leave it later than he usually gets it.

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