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Need a bit of advice re builder and him not returning to put right whats gone wrong?

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PinkChick Thu 18-Dec-08 13:57:34

we had a flood alst year, after much hassle we got some insurance money and did whole kitchen from scratch putting rest to it ourselves(loan).
At start builder/developer was fab, ont he whole the kitchen is fab, very good i 'know' of his wife and see her regualry, when a prob occured oevr him spending my chq before it cleared she stuck her oar in, it then got silly!
Anyway, he had to come back to repair the huge hole he made when he stuck his foor through my attic and sort out leaks from kitchen door and window..fine..saw him after his hol, he was fine and said he'd be round..he wasnt!...he didnt answer my calls, then send a text to say hes really busy and is sending 'his mate' round to sort out prob..okay, as long as its sorted..'mate' comes 'repairs ceiling' and seals door frame........asks about payment!..i tell him to speak to original builder...a few days after repairs done, plaster has set and CRACKED again so STILL a crack in ceiling and door is leaking same as before?????
Builder not responding to calls/texts from me or dp, we went downt he route of emails/letters before we got it resolved last time and i dont want the stress again, but in all honesty, we paid him A LOT of money to do this and its still not done!..he started in june! WHERE do we go from here?..we want to have this sorted and as he's not responding, who do we contact?, trading standards?, we have handwritten invoces from him and photos of work he was can 'prove' he did the job, but we need him to make it complete, so what can i do now?

pinkteddy Thu 18-Dec-08 14:06:53

Its a nightmare isn't it, we had this last year. There is very little recourse IME you certainly should put everything in writing in the first instance saying what is still to be done, you have paid in full and not happy etc.

You could try consumer direct, I have found them helpful in the past.
consumer direct details here.

PinkChick Thu 18-Dec-08 14:10:01

thanks for that..he ignores all contact, so i want to take the next step and report him to someone, or at least inform him of us palnning to do that and THAN do it, in the hope he gets his finger out BEFORE we have to do it!?

pinkteddy Thu 18-Dec-08 14:34:57

It may be worth contacting trading standards as well. There is some useful information about this on the consumer direct website and also local authority trader scheme networks. Look on the 'before you buy' section under building and home improvements. Good luck with it all, hope you get it sorted.

PinkChick Thu 18-Dec-08 20:23:56

thanks for that, ill take a looksmile

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