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being made redundant

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cluck Wed 23-Mar-05 12:29:06


Where do I start? I hoping someone out there might be able to offer me some advice, I am a part time working mum, I have just been told that I am being made redundant from my well paid job, My daughter is 18 months old and I was also made redundant from my last job when I was 8 months pregnant, when my daughter was born I suffered from bad depression but my husband did not realise as I am good at hiding things but this was a big mistake as it made me very ill. We own our own house and I am the main bread winner, my husband is disabled and claims DLA. I am not well enough to even thinking about going for other interviews and this is not really a option as to earn the money we need my daughter would have to go into full time childcare and i could not cope with this, so we have decided to sell the house, we will not come out with any profit so i need to know what benefits or help i should receive, I have always worked so i really dont know what to do?

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